Different ways in which a DIY breast cream works

Using a diy breast cream is a very effective method to increase breast size naturally. However, what many people are probably wondering about is how it actually works. So here are few different ways in which breast enhancement creams work.

different ways in which a diy breast cream works

Stimulating Growth of Tissues

The most basic thing that a diy breast cream does is that it stimulates the growth of the underlying breast tissues in your body. It does so by first stimulating the production of a hormone called oestrogen which is the primary reason for your breasts growing bigger. But it’s not just about increasing the number of fatty tissues present in your breasts. It also improves the condition of your ligaments and their overall fluidity. Stromal tissues present in the breasts also undergo some sort of development when applied with breast creams.

Growth of Cells

Another thing that a diy breast cream stimulates is the growth of cells present in the breasts of your body. One of the ingredients used for making such a cream is Pueraria Mirifica. This ingredient promotes and stimulates the growth of these kinds of cells. And when the number of cells grows, the size of your breasts automatically increases as well, thus making them bigger in the process.

Keeping the skin healthy

It’s just not about stimulating the growth of certain components of your body which in turn increases the size of your breasts. Keeping the skin around your breasts is also an equally important function that is carried out by such creams. The natural ingredients used to make a diy breast cream promote healthy skin, mainly by keeping the area hydrated enough. Because of this, the skin over the area covering your breasts remain in a healthy and well toned condition. The side effects are also of positive nature, since they have an anti-ageing effect on your skin as well.

The Peak @ Cambodia: Live like a King in Cambodia

Oxley International Holding Pvt. Ltd, Singapore and Cambodia World Bridge have joined hands for the second time to give birth to the epitome of condominium constructions which they have named The Peak @ Cambodia. The Peak offers the rare combination of the finest assortment of residential units, commercial developments and various other recreational and leisure facilities.

the peak cambodia live like a king in cambodia


  • Located at the heart of Phnom Penh, The Peak @ Cambodia offers connectivity to all parts of the city. Travelling is made convenient due to easy availability of transport.
  • The location will surprise you with its exotic sights and scenes and you are sure to be amazed by Sisowath Quay, Riverside shore of Kendal Province, located just next to the development.
  • The development will be a 55 storey mixed condo with 300 luxurious hotel rooms.
  • The luxurious development offers generous condominium facilities such as 24 hours high end security, multi utility rooms on rent, a club house, a multipurpose gym, kids playgrounds, swimming pool, BBQ-pits, outdoor fitness hub etc. With Shangri-La Hotel proposed to open up in the same building you will be spoilt for choices to spend your free time.

Real Estate Value

If you are smart enough to think about your future you should go ahead and make investments either in residential or commercial units that The Peak @ Cambodia offers. You surely are aware about the property and real estate boom in Singapore and can well estimate the future rents that it will yield.

Final Verdict

The Peak condo Cambodia not only takes your mundane lifestyle to a complete other level of prestige and wellness but it has the prospect to become the most sought after address in Singapore by the year 2020. With so many conveniences, both economic and life-style oriented, stacked under one roof it would be foolish of you not to invest in this world class condominium development.